WHAT TO WEAR: Warmed Up in Winter

Nobody enjoys those blistering cold walks to class during the wintertime. Chilling gusts of wind and below freezing temperatures are enough to make anyone want to stay in bed and skip class. Finding ways to keep warm during the daily walks around campus are necessary for any college student. This Fashionisto found the perfect way to fight off the freezing temps and make it to class on time.

This Fashionisto has decided to go for a simple, yet urban, look for his frigid journey to class. He is wearing a black T-shirt with a graphic on it and skinny-legged black Adidas pants. To keep his feet warm, he has chosen the male Ugg boots. A classic gold chain and gold watch add the final touches of flare to his simplistic fit. Lastly, he tops off his outfit with an olive green parka.

This outfit works well for trips around campus during the colder months because it is layered, yet functional. The parka is thick with fleece inside the hood. However, it is not suffocating, providing enough cushion to keep one warm without being uncomfortable. The male Ugg boots insulate the feet, fighting off the frigid air. Adidas pants provide comfort and give the outfit a relaxed vibe. Thus, the Fashionisto wearing this can comfortably navigate on campus while staying warm.

Olive green has grown in popularity and become a trending color among clothes; it is a neutral color that coordinates with just about anything. Tan is also a neutral color. Thus, the parka and Ugg boots complement the all-black outfit. Black and gold is a popular color combination. The gold accessories add the perfect pop of color to this dark outfit.

Don’t freeze to death walking to class! Take notes from this Fashionisto on how to beat the weather. He found the perfect way to stay warm while remaining comfortable and stylish for his day of class.