WHAT TO WEAR: Warm Weather

There is nothing better than warm weather and being able to shed all the layers of winter. While some Fashionistas and Fashionistos are freezing in their parkas, this Fashionista is lucky enough to encounter 80 degree weather in South Carolina. She spices up the normal high-waisted jean short and tank top look with different patterns and materials. She wasn’t afraid to let her personality show through with this outfit. By pairing this ensemble with Converse high-tops, this Fashionista has the perfect outfit for any warm weather event. From walking to class, to spending the day out shopping, this Fashionista is prepared for it all.

She combines classy and casual all in one awesome look with a posh peplum and aztec print shorts. Pairing her peplum top with printed shorts is a bold statement, but nothing screams warm weather like prints. The details of the top when paired with the print of the shorts give the look depth and character. Character is also added when this Fashionista adds colorful thread bracelets to her warm look. This Fashionista manages to tie her entire look together by staying true to who she is and keeping it natural. She adds a small pendant necklace with a beautiful smile and voila; she creates an accessible and trendy look.

It may feel awkward to discard your favorite pair of jeans and that comfy sweater when it is still March, but in the South, you must always take advantage of the warmer weather. So, for all of you lucky Fashionistas who are catching a tan while the rest of the East Coast seems to be catching a cold from the snow, don’t be afraid to bring out some bold shorts and a detailed tank to embrace the sun.

One Simple Change: For a night out, switch the sneakers for a pair of wedges, and you’ve got a high-class look.