WHAT TO WEAR: Wake Up, Sunshine!

Oh, no! Running late? Don’t know what to wear? Don’t stress, everyone will inevitably experience at least one of those panics before a dreaded 8 a.m. class throughout their college career.

This Fashionisto is a prime example of still being able to look put together before one of those early morning classes. It’s no secret that most men have a limited wardrobe and tend to all dress as though its twin day: a simple T-shirt, plain shorts or pants and a pair of Nikes. And while this Fashionisto is wearing jean shorts and a T-shirt like most men, he added a little bit of flair with his leather shoes. And boy did those shoes change the whole outfit!

Leather shoes are a must-have for all men; they can be thrown on with almost any casual outfit to add a bit of spice or can be added to a formal outfit to be a bit more unique. Leather shoes for men are like those off the wall leggings for women—something that should be considered a must have for those mornings when you just can’t do it.

After observing more than a few famous male celebrities from Bangkok, Thailand, I’ve realized that the trend in clothing for men is beginning to move towards the hipster style.

I’ve also realized that it is very rare to see such well dressed men around the Michigan States campus—of course we’ve all seen those rare fashionable frat boys—but if more men put just two extra minutes of thought into their outfits, I know our campus would be one spiffy place! So if any of you men are looking for just a touch of inspiration one early Monday morning, take a page out of this Fashionisto’s book; and never be afraid to embrace your own style, we’ll all thank you for it later!