WHAT TO WEAR: Vest to Impress

Whether it’s Monday and you can barely get out of bed, or it’s Friday and the week has worn you out, the struggle to find the energy to dress with style is always relevant. With a comfy, casual, and cute outfit like this, there is no excuse to why you can’t throw this together any day of the week!

The oversize sweater and leggings trend is to die for and unbelievably inviting—especially in this spring weather. Incorporate this with a pair of classic combat boots and a lightweight vest, and you are all set for a day of classes, work, studying, or visiting your friends. If you are sporting black leggings, a pop of color in your top will help brighten your outfit—and your mood! The comfort of your bottoms and the pop of your top is the perfect combination for a great day.

Vests are a great investment and the best way to stay warm without covering up too much. Come fall or spring time, you can never go wrong with throwing a vest over your attire to spice up that outfit, while still feeling like you are wrapped up in a sweatshirt! Of course, no outfit is complete without some bling. Incorporate your favorite rings and bracelets to top it all off. If it’s a sunny day (or even if it’s not) throw on a pair of your favorite shades. Booties or boots will do the trick to compliment this outfit from your head to your toes (literally).

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be comfy, as long as you do it right!