WHAT TO WEAR: Versatile in Black

WHAT TO WEAR: Versatile in Black

One of my favorite things is finding an outfit that I feel I can wear to many different occasions. To me an outfit that can be worn for classes, work and a night out is a perfect outfit. This Fashionista demonstrates this flawlessly.

Donning a classic black and white plaid shirt over a simple black dress, this Fashionista understands versatility.  She pairs her outfit with black wedge boots and black tights and knots her shirt above her waist, tying her ensemble together flawlessly.

This Fashionista leads a busy life. Traveling from the suburbs to the city for her job, she says that seeing different Chicagoan styles has influenced her own taste. Chicagoans often have a style that is sophisticated and well put together yet one of a kind. She says she strives for a similar look—one that is classy yet boho. Her look is classy so she is professional for work, and boho so she can show off her own individual style.

This Fashionista loves to shop the clearance rack and thrift shops. When asked about the brands of the pieces she was wearing she named brands such as Old Navy and Forever 21. It’s definitely a bonus when you can strut an outfit at an affordable price.

When asked about the color of her ensemble she stated that she loves black staple items. Black goes with everything and can be worn anywhere. While she says she also loves bold patterns and bright colors, you can just never go wrong with black.

Another reason this Fashionista loves this outfit? She wore it to a Macklemore concert. From class to work to a Macklemore concert? THAT is a perfect outfit.