WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

As our classes die down and the semesters come to a close, one thing is sure to follow: can you say vacation? Whether we hit the beach with friends or pack in the car for the annual family road trip, vacationing is all about keeping cute and comfortable. Every Fashionista knows the tips and tricks for looking cute in her own environment; however, vacations are a totally different story.

When we are at home, it’s easier to predict the weather and make plans for the day. When on vacation it might be necessary to improvise from time to time. Our Fashionista planned accordingly in Estes Park, Colorado by pairing a basic, versatile romper with simple and cute accessories for the perfect vacation look. The simplicity of this romper makes it easy to go from warm days to chilly nights by simply layering a cardigan or a flannel over it for an effortlessly cool look.

On vacation it’s necessary to pack multiple basics with a few key “pop” pieces like a rad leather jacket, a red bandana headband, or a pair of statement tights. Wearing and re-wearing the basic pieces but mixing around the different statement pieces makes it easy to fake a brand new outfit every single day. As you can see on our Fashionista, a simple red bandana tied into a headband offers that perfect amount of color and cute when paired with her basic romper. She finished her look by sliding into some super-comfy Birkenstocks—last year’s favorite “cute ugly shoe.” Our Fashionista is ready for a long day of shopping the strip or walking in the park!

One Simple Change: To turn this look into a dinner-ready outfit in no time, bring along a bold necklace and some flatforms like these. No matter how casual you think your romper is, you can always spice it up enough to fit right in at the dinner table. And just remember, you’re on vacation.