WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

Look at the calendar. Be it on your desk, your wall, or your smartphone, the calendar says it’s June. And we all know what that means—summer! Or at least it does in the upper hemisphere. In the lower hemisphere, however, it is actually winter. Which can only mean they celebrate their white Christmases in summer on white sand beaches rather than in the overrated snow. Personally, I’d much rather cozy up next to the bonfire myself, who wouldn’t? I know what you’re thinking. Why does this Colorado girl even care? She’s from the upper hemisphere. Well, that may be true—for me. This Fashionista, on the other hand, is actually vacationing from down under. And let’s just say this Aussie’s vacation style is beautidul.

The first crucial step to any (fashionable) vacation, aside from actual shelter and travel planning, is outfit planning. Think of a vacation like a boxing match. How can you possibly get a knockout if you don’t scout your opponent? Once you know what type of environment you are exposing yourself to, you can properly prepare. This Fashionista may have gone on a walkabout to unpredictable Colorado, but she came prepared.

Vacation style means versatility. And if you only have so much luggage space, you want to get the most bang for your buck. You want pieces you can throw together and be able to transition from day to night. Here, you can see this Fashionista packed neutral essentials that she can work into different outfits throughout her stay. She avoids looking plain by wearing a standout dress with a loud floral print and modern front zipper detailing. The structured look of the dress is balanced well by the loose steel grey cardigan. If the summer sun shows its face or she wants something more fancy, she can easily ditch the cardigan and stay cool in a more modern look. Also, when traveling, versatile shoes are a must! The great thing about choosing a low heel, black bootie is that she has both the comfort to walk the Denver streets and the edgy vibe to keep her style original. Don’t forget the arm candy! Although you might not be traveling with your beau, you can always play up your personality with funky jewelry. Her silver, elephant-stamped cuff pairs beautifully with her stacked wedding rings. This Fashionista’s vacation style is bloody grouse (Aussie slang for “very great”).

One Simple Change: If life had a go-to outfit, this would be it. Not only is it versatile, but it’s adorable to boot! You can easily take it from vacation wear to interview ready by adding a statement necklace. You want to be memorable. The overall feel of the outfit says “I’m here to work,” but the statement necklace says, “I’m here to work it, too!”