WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

When packing for a vacation, the first necessities that usually come to mind are bathing suits, sundresses and an abundance of sunscreen. But when that vacation happens to be a trip to New York Fashion Week in the middle of winter, the criteria changes drastically. Instead of lazing around on the beach, days are spent running down the icy sidewalks of New York fighting off hypothermia while trying to figure out the subway. It’s undoubtedly a vacation that takes a bit more effort to enjoy, but packing the perfect pieces are the key to making the most of a freezing (albeit awesome) week in the Big Apple.

Statement coats are absolutely essential in New York, and for good reason. Not only do they provide a wonderful amount of protection against the never-ending winds of the city, but they are also a great way to add style to an outfit that is made mostly of layered turtlenecks and thermal underwear.

This Fashionista’s fur coat is a perfect example of just how much a statement coat can do. With her enormous white fur coat as the main focus, she simply added a dress and tights to complete the outfit. Her accessories were equally as simple, with a few plain neutral pieces as the only additions.

The simplicity of this Fashionista’s outfit goes to show how far a statement coat can go. By packing a few of these in your suitcase, you can forgo any outfit stress and still ensure that you’ll look fabulous every second of the trip. That way, you’ll be free to worry about decoding subway maps and trying to guess which street style photographer will snap your picture next.

One Simple Change: Vacations are the perfect opportunity for a fun night out with your man. Make your outfit date worthy by switching the knee-high boots for a sexy pair of heels and the printed dress for a little black number. Complete your look with a sultry red lip for a pop of color and an added wow factor.