WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

When it comes to traveling it’s important to look stylish but still comfy. There is nothing worse then being stuck on a plane for hours and desperately wanting to change into your lounge clothes. Keeping it casual but simple can be the best way to look your trendiest for your vacation day travels.

Look at this Fashionista here; her outfit is the perfect mix of simple and chic. She looks so comfy in her leather leggings paired with her leather slip on sneakers. It’s important to wear pants that are going to be comfortable to sit in for a long period of time. When she gets off the plane she can easily swap her slip on sneakers out for booties or some black stilettos for a night on the town.

Her coat is the perfect piece to wear on the plane to keep warm and add that extra flair and color to her outfit. It is also great to wear your heaviest item on the plane to avoid extra weight in your bag. This way if you go shopping on your trip, you will have plenty of room in your suitcase when you fly back. The emerald green makes the coat the perfect statement piece for wintertime. It is a nice contrast against all the black she is wearing.

A simple accessory is the best option to avoid setting off the metal detector at security. Our Fashionista is wearing an evil eye necklace to add her own unique flare to her look. She tops it off with her purple Balenciaga handbag. An oversized bag is great for traveling to hold all your personal items you might need for your flight.

Copy this Fashionista’s look and you will be the most stylish person on your flight. Remember to keep it simple, chic and comfy for the ultimate travel look to kick off your vacation.

One Simple Change: Not traveling to a cooler destination? Swap out your coat and pants for some shorts and a light sweater to stay cute but warm on your flight.