WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

Bonjour from France, the land of delicious and exquisitely made wine! After countless hours spent touring the beautiful and sunny south of France, we’ve managed to find some time to visit a few wineries for some much needed wine tasting. This week’s Fashionista had to prep for a double wine tasting, and boy does she know how to dress right. Although this one took place in Montpellier, she already looks ready to strut down the chic streets of Paris.

Wine tastings are elegant and classy. While abroad, I highly suggest you attend one if you aren’t of the legal age in the U.S. Even then, a wine tasting is going to be different no matter what country you’re in. In France, I’ve come to learn that wine is a true way of life. It’s taken very seriously, and the winemaking process is done so delicately. After spending an hour or so listening to the details of winemaking, it was time to put on our inner sophistication and properly taste the wine, which includes dressing tastefully.

This Fashionista simply killed it. Her simple black, long-sleeved top allowed her vibrant, red skirt to do all the talking. It added that playful pop of color, but the high-waisted, gold belt between the skirt and top kept it neutral and classy. It’s definitely not too casual for a winetasting, but not overly formal either. The grey coat was a flawless addition to the outfit. The lack of buttons allows it to be open enough to expose her fabulous attire, yet keep her warm during the early morning breeze in the vineyard. It’s also long enough to not look awkward with the shorter skirt.

Now let’s talk accessories. Her shiny necklace added some elegance to the ensemble and a great shine. It added more pizazz to the plain top, without being too flashy. She’s also wearing a few simple rings on both of her hands to balance out accessories. Plain black tights were the perfect addition to this outfit since having any pattern would just clash with the embellished skirt. The gold and black boots keep it looking casual enough for a college student abroad. The last piece, a medium sized shoulder purse, throws the outfit all together—as well as is big enough to hold enough money to purchase some wine for later! Yummy!

One Simple Change: If you’re interning for the season, swap the boots for a cute pair of heeled booties to dress it up even more. Add some red lipstick, and you’ll be the most stylish intern around!