WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

Going to college sometimes means moving away from friends and family. So, winter break sometimes means reuniting with these people. The best way to catch up with friends is going out to lunch at your favorite restaurant or any new places you haven’t gone yet. Let’s be honest, going out to eat is always a good idea!

This past week in Brazil has been extremely hot. So choosing an outfit that is stylish and still keeps your body in the right temperature can be a challenge. However, this Fashionista nailed it! She chose a beautiful outfit that looked very breezy. Also, it looked super comfortable which is always a plus when deciding what to wear.

The opening for the shoulder on her shirt added a unique detail to the outfit, because even though the day was burning hot, it allowed this Fashionista to wear a long-sleeve shirt without melting. The shirt also had a beautiful pattern, that reminded me of the patterns on those old hippie skirts. So it went well with the accessories she picked: long necklaces.

For the bottom part of her outfit she decided to pick that one piece that everyone owns: a denim skirt. The color white helped add to the summer feel of the look and went well with the blue and green tones of the shirt. For shoes, she opted for sandals, perfect for the weather. The flowy blouse and the skirt, matched with the sandals made her look very girly, which goes perfectly with the occasion.

One Simple Change: You are going to have to turn your lunch with friend into a date with your boyfriend? Drop the sandals and throw on some heels and you are ready to go!