WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

Just about every college student I know has made plans to get off campus this summer. Whether for a weekend city getaway or a month-long Euro trip, students everywhere are going on vacation. Though there is nothing more exciting than booking tickets to your dream destination, there is also nothing more stressful than deciding what pack. While you want to be stylish at all times for the unexpected Instagram photo opportunities that can arise, you want to wear outfits that you can relax in. Trendy pieces of the moment such as lace-up sandals, denim mini skits and midriff-baring crop tops look cute, but can quickly become uncomfortable. It is necessary to select outfits that are easy to wear while sightseeing all day.

This Fashionista has clearly mastered the art of dressing for a vacation with her chic, monochromatic outfit. Keeping her look in tune with the season, she smartly avoided darker colors that attract the sun and opted to wear an entirely white outfit. Her tank top with side slits prevents her from getting too hot while outside walking under the sun. She strategically wore a pair of skinny jeans just in case her itinerary takes her inside a museum or restaurant that has AC blasting at full force. Mindful to avoid any clashing with her look, she chose to wear a tan leather saddle bag and sandals that would compliment her all-white ensemble. She lastly accessorized with a pair of over-sized sunnies, which is the most essential vacation accessory there is.

For most students, summer is when your wander-lusting and endless travel photography Pinterest scrolling can come to a halt and turn into a reality. So once you arrive at your dream destination, don’t ruin things by bringing the wrong outfits. Instead of letting your outfit become a stress, take a cue this Fashionista and keep things simple. Though her monochromatic look is quite trendy at the moment, solid colors are timeless in fashion. When wearing a classic getup like this Fashionista’s, you’ll spend less time thinking about what you look like and more time on what’s really important – enjoying your vacation.

One Simple Change: Already thinking about back-to-school shopping? Toss on a bomber jacket and ditch the sandals for a pair of white sneakers to take this look from vacation and into the classroom this fall.