WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

Whether tied to the urban jungle or rural countryside, we’re all guilty of playing “beach bum” in our summer month’s travels. With a dwindling in collegiate obligations and heightened stress from our much-dreaded summer jobs, it’s hard to stay away from the beach’s warming invitation to fun in our time off. Unfortunately, though, for anyone on vacation or planning a full day around their waterside R&R, dressing for a day in the sun can become a bit more tedious than expected. Thankfully, this Fashionista provides a shining example of how to dress for a spontaneous, beach-focused summer day when one’s plans are as loose as their sand laden hair.

First, she chose to use a bathing suit as the first layer to the ensemble, underneath a lengthy, stripped maxi dress; this intentional, layering choice wasn’t any sort of random decision, though. By wearing her bathing suit as the bottom layer to the look, this Fashionista made any beach activity a possibility for the day—from tanning to Frisbee, swimming to strolls along the coastline. Likewise, by cloaking her bikini in this “dressy casual” dress, donning a nautical pattern, she’ll be appropriately dressed for any sort of off-the-beach exploration, too.

Of course an outfit isn’t all about functionality, so this Fashionista added in pops of color throughout to make a statement in the sun. She included subtle accents of turquoise in her accessories—Such as this woven, boating bracelet and a three-gem silver ring—along with a bulky, gold and white necklace that offsets the consistency of blue in the look. Also, this Fashionista choose to make a bold move—including a bright, neon yellow purse, a great compliment to the turquoise accents.

In essence, this Fashionista proves the unpopular to be true—that fashion, comfort and functionality can coexist within a single look.

One Simple Change: For those with vacation dinner plans later in the day, it’s easy to take this laid-back look from day to night.  Exchange this Fashionista’s comfortable walking sandals for a pair of wedge heels, rock a classic up-do and throw on a fur vest to add a bit of sophistication into the outfit. By adding these kind of subtle accents of class into the look, any vacationing Fashionista will be well-equipped for a night out on the town.