WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

Spontaneous beach day? Sign my Fashionista up! There is nothing better than a day spent by the ocean, but we Fashionistas/os like to do anything with a bit of style (obviously). Any type getaway is meant to be an effortless occasion and that’s exactly what it should be. Bringing style to the water should be with articles of clothing that are easy to toss in a bag and go.

My Fashionista is pictured in a loose-fitting jumpsuit, flip flops, some sunnies, an anklet and two layered necklaces with a strapless bikini underneath.

This particular jumpsuit was selected for its simple abilities of being easy to pack without taking up room and its loose comfort fit. Even though it is super loose, it still manages to present her with a well-mannered facade. This was effortless for her to toss this in a bag and it has a cool ’80s MC Hammer vibe with its drop pant.

When packing for a vacation or even a beach day, it’s important to not bring an abundance of clunky footwear. It makes your bag heavy and let’s be real, we are all guilty of wearing the same one to two pairs of shoes the entire duration of the trip. Having a go-to pair of flip flops is a vacation essential.

Another important thing to keep in mind while taking a getaway is to be very careful of the jewelry packed. It’s essential to bring items you can’t lose or won’t care if you lose. The turtle anklet pictured is from a company called Trrtlz and they sell for a dollar at participating retailers like 7-Eleven. She’s also layering two necklaces, an interlocking and a bar necklace. It’s easy to layer necklaces because the look can change from day to night. It’s also smart to pack more necklaces rather than rings or bracelets because they have a tendency to slide off easier, especially in a water setting. This Fashionista loves to accessorize so with the absence of her favorite rings/bracelets she accessorized with her iPhone case from YouTuber Dani Mansutti’s online beauty store.

This Fashionista is a well versed traveller and her experience with losing her high end sunglasses has taught her to only bring less expensive ones to places that are easy for them to get lost! These are brown tortoise detailed sunnies with a round frame. They are from a local boutique, but since this is a very popular style it will not be hard to emulate.

Bathing suits are all about what you feel comfortable in. This particular top was from Victoria’s Secret swimwear line as well as the unpictured bottoms. Be sure to rock what you want!

One Simple Change: Adding a cool pair of sneakers transforms the jumpsuit into an errands outfit. Sneakers are super cozy and easy to be busy in. A sneaker option would be the all white Superstar sneakers from adidas. Wherever you may be headed, soak up the summer sun in style!