WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

Summer is the perfect time to plan a stress-free getaway— take some time off from work or summer school and just enjoy life. Of course, you want to look your best, whether you’re in a neighboring state or somewhere abroad. After all, people look forward to vacations in order to get a new wardrobe.

This Fashionista has on a fun and flirty romper covered in cute pastel colors with a paisley design and an eye-catching swoop back. It may seem busy at first glance but it’s perfect for summer vacations. The colors coordinate well with ideal travel spots like a beach, cruise or Vegas night life. The romper is great to travel long distances in while still allowing this Fashionista to be comfortable because it’s not form fitting to her body. This wardrobe is all around lively: the colors, the string attached to the open-back and the three-quarter length sleeves. Who wouldn’t want to go on a trip wearing this and stand out in a crowd full of strangers?

Worn with this Fashionista’s ensemble are her favorite accessories: a nude statement necklace, gold dangling earrings, midi rings and a leather Michael Kors watch. Sticking to a color pattern (matching the colors of your accessories and outfit) is boring. The way she included different color accents, like the nude necklace and gold earrings, to her wardrobe makes it more pleasant.

Matched with her multicolored outfit is a pair of blue strap sandals. Although the blue from the sandals and the romper are slightly different, it doesn’t matter because all of the colors coordinate beautifully together. Again, it’s unnecessary trying to coordinate everything. Not to mention, the blue sandals would pop while walking on some sand. Vacations should be where you let go of your worries, so why worry about color coordinating? You don’t have to play it safe; just enjoy your time away and look fly doing it.

Have you ever wondered why parents wear those funky Hawaiian T-shirts when they go on a trip? Well, I’m guessing it’s because they want to be “cool” and attract attention. Don’t be like your parents; throw on a bold romper with random, cool accessories and attract the right attention on your excursion.

One Simple Change: Found a bar by the beach? A night club on the cruise? A casino on the strip? Simply change into a pair of pointed toe pumps (blue, pink or nude) for a more sophisticated, evening look and meet up with some friends for a girls’ night out.