WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

I’m one of those people who dresses way better when I’m on vacation than I do in my day-to-day life. There’s just something about being at a beautiful resort that makes me want to step it up, even just for a fun and casual day by the pool. This Fashionista paired together so many great pieces that complement each other perfectly. She even ended up unintentionally tying in the colors of the hotel, which made for a bright look ideal for these hot summer days.

A bathing suit cover-up is a must. However, you don’t always have to use something for it’s exact use. This tunic is actually just meant to be a shirt, but works perfectly as something to throw over your bathing suit to go to lunch after spending time in the pool or the ocean. Her bikini pairs really well with the top. It’s extremely simple in color and style, but is made just a bit more interesting with the colorful, braided straps. Plus, her patterned headphones even go with the color scheme of the outfit; I love that!

Mixing metallic, as is done here, gives off a casual vibe. Plus, it always looks great with a tan. A pair of classic all-gold Jack Rogers are the ultimate vacation sandal, able to be slipped on and off with ease. Plus, it’s okay if they get wet. Some mix-matched jewelry, including a class ring and some layered necklaces, aren’t too contrived for a day out lounging around, but still pull together the look.

Of course, sunglasses are a staple. These aviators are super cool with their oversized shape. Plus, they’re all plastic. This might not seem like that big of a deal, but trust me, it is. My least favorite thing in the world is getting my sunglasses stuck in my hair after putting them up on my head, which I do constantly even though I know it’s not the best idea (oops).

Nobody wants to be the girl who looks overdone while lying around the pool when everyone else is just trying to relax. That’s why I think this outfit is such a good balance of fashion and casual style.

One Simple Change: Since the tunic shown in this look is actually just meant to be a top, it makes it extremely versatile. Pairing it with a pair of white jeans, or even white shorts, makes for a great look to rock during brunch. The gold sandals and simple jewelry don’t need to be changed at all, so it’s that easy!