WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

So, you have planned the best getaway summer vacation but have no idea what to wear or what to pack. Don’t worry, there are some great tips to help you assure your look and feel even more confident and beautiful. Summer vacation is the right time to relax, travel, explore and show your style in the most fashionable and carefree way.

I really liked this Fashionista’s look as it is so summery fresh and eclectic. She definitely made the right decision when matching a white crop top with a white maxi skirt. White is a great color for the summertime and investing in one color piece of clothing is a great idea when packing for vacation and being able to match your outfits to many different looks. White is also a color that is trending now, just as yellow, which is always good to know when preparing yourself for a summer vacation. To bring some color and life into her outfit, the Fashionista threw on a purple kimono with floral details, which was the perfect touch to her outfit. It completed her attire and made it look dressier as well. Another useful tip is to invest in kimonos or even light cardigans that could add some fun into your outfit; they always have the power to brighten up any look.

Last but not least, don’t forget to use the right accessories to go with your summer vacation outfit. The Fashionista wore a Panama style hat, lots of rings, bracelets and a long bike-detailed necklace to assure her perfect summer style outfit. Another great option would be to wear a statement necklace or even a bohemian belt. Accessories can be your best friend when helping you compose outfits for diverse occasions. They have the power to give the same look a completely different feel, which is a very helpful tip for when you need to pack light for a summer trip.

Overall, investing in colors as white, yellow and even light green are fantastic options when packing for a summer vacation. They go well with many different outfits and are truly great for the summertime. You want to look as fresh and free during the summer, so choosing looks that are more light and carefree is definitely the way to go about it. Don’t forget to choose the right accessories to compose diverse styles and simple kimonos or vests to warm you up from the summer breeze and get you ready for a fashionable vacation day.

One Simple Change: Are you wondering what to wear during your travels until you reach your final destination this summer vacation? Well, to turn this outfit into a traveling one, you only need one simple change: switch the white maxi skirt into high-waisted jeans and you will be good to go and travel the world with comfort and style!