WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

As summertime is flying by and vacation primetime is arriving, many of us are in search of something that fits perfectly into that “casual but cute” category. We want to look stylish but we also don’t want to over-do it around the family and look like we’re trying too hard. Plus, around the beach it’s really easy to look too done up, so let’s avoid being “that girl.”

This Fashionista has got the casual-cute look down to a science. Slim-fitted distressed denim jeans have made a huge reappearance in the fashion industry over the last two years and are definitely a must-have if you haven’t picked up a pair. She picked hers up from Zara, but you can also find a cute pair without breaking the bank online at hm.com. However, if you’re feeling like a splurge, Rich and Skinny jeans will do wonders for your legs and the distressed look from rag & bone will never let you down.

Your denim may be holy, but they aren’t meant for church. Keep in mind that showing some skin on the bottom is fun, especially in the summer, but this is a casual look and a balance should exist somewhere. If you choose a more edgy denim like our Fashionista here, you’ll want to go with a more conservative and understated top like this one from Anthropology. It compliments the denim nicely with a simple striped pattern and neutral colors. It is also thin and flowy, which is idea for vacation when it’s hot out.

She paired the outfit with a staple of this season: the two-strap sandal. These are a perfect in-between shoe for the summer and a great buy. They are more than a flip-flop and have great structure, but they aren’t too loud to overtake the softness of this outfit. She got hers from LOFT, but you can also pick some up from J.Crew.

SInce the pattern of the shirt is so understated, the LV Neverfull GM in Damier Azur Canvas looks great. This bag is timeless and an ideal investment piece. It comes in three sizes, this being the largest, and it holds EVERYTHING. It is ideal for the beach during vacation and a perfect option for travel when you’re trying to find a place for the stuff you take out of the suitcase when it’s “overweight.” (This is me every time I travel.) She kept the jewelry simple with a small, vintage layered necklace that flows nicely with the V-neck and a classic leather band watch from Timex.

One Simple Change: Swap out the distressed denim for some slim-fitted white jeans and change out the Neverfull GM for a Speedy 25 (or a fun summer bucket bag) and you’re all set for brunch at the beach!