WHAT TO WEAR: Urban Chic

Hey there Fashionistas! Hope you all had a good winter break and a great start to your new year.

Even though it is the middle of winter in Ohio, we all know just how unpredictable the weather can be, especially here in the Midwest. On a particularly overcast day like this one, this Fashionista managed to perfectly throw an outfit together so she would still be comfortable in the somewhat chilly weather. I absolutely love this look because it’s super casual and comfy but still cute for walking around campus or for a day out in the city.

The key to surviving winter in colder areas is layering, which this Fashionista did a great job with. She wore her turtleneck with a leather jacket to layer and keep warm and of course paired them with jeans to finish off the look. Both a turtleneck and leather jacket are essentials that any Fashionista/o should have in their closet, for a warm look yet not too bulky. To accessorize, she added a cute small purse—an essential for any day out on the town. I loved the detail on this bag and the way the cool metal chains contrasted against the denim and gray sweater. This Fashionista also wore ankle boots, another essential for winter, to tie her whole look together.

I’m a huge fan of neutral colors and absolutely loved the neutral tones displayed in this outfit. Tying together grays, blacks, and browns along with the blues in the denim worked so well, and perfectly captured the essence of a cloudy day.