WHAT TO WEAR: Tuscan Spring

April 6th, 2017 at 2:00am
WHAT TO WEAR: Tuscan Spring

Ciao a tutti!

I hope you are enjoying your spring in America as much as I am enjoying mine in Florence. The sun here is perfection and everyone is just relishing in it. What is funny here is that even though it’s 60-70 degrees outside, many Italians are still wearing their winter coats. I’ll stick with my flip flops, thank you very much!

I saw this student at school and thought she had the right idea for dressing for spring in Italy. Her outfit is perfect for any kind of spring day. The long, box-pleated bell sleeves of her blouse can keep her warm in case of a breeze. Plus, the lightweight, white cotton is great for those moments when you need a breathable fabric for sitting in the sun. The skinny, taupe capris are a subtle addition and work well with a wide range of skin tones. Their skinny cut also helps accentuate the fullness of the blouse nicely.

This ensemble is basic, clean and crisp. Just asking for accessories… Here in Florence, everyone has the best designer sunglasses, and this student is no exception. On one of her wrists, she sports an eclectic assortment of gold bracelets and a hand made friendship bracelet. Delicate jewelry like this is the right way to go for styling a structured silhouette such as this one.

Lastly her shoes: simply Italian. She probably found them in one of the narrow streets along the Arno River. Leather is abundant here and Florentines take advantage of it. Here, we are offered the greatest range of well made leather shoe and bag styles. The style of this shoe, basic and the slightest bit preppy, finishes the outfit off and really sets the tone of the outfit. All in all, this is definitely an outfit you might see me in. I know it’s still cold in most of the states, but keep this style in mind for when the sun starts to shine!