WHAT TO WEAR: Truly Un-fur-gettable!

Although one may have gotten the chills from Winter’s rude grand entrance into our pity party of the weather, we don’t have to look dreadful in the midst of it. For the new spring semester ahead, let’s get a little braver. With Christmas being left in the old year, it’s now out with old, and in with the…nude? Yes! Unfortunately that would entail ditching your green and red sweaters, peppermint swirled earrings, and stockings alike for a fresh, bold, and clean look. Why enter the new year with extra baggage? In this case, color that is.

Often time, we easily overlook the most subtle colors of the palette when neutrals are mentioned, depending on the circumstance too. Because no one ever thinks of nude, or beige as “Oooh, groundbreaking!”. It’s like that extra side dish at dinner you contemplate on whether or not it’s worthy enough of even adding to the plate. But it’s still tasteful, a good choice, and when seasoned with that extra umph, an even greater component. For a true “Ooh” and “Ahhh” moment one couldn’t dare ignore, to let’s give a little fur action too. It gives off the right amount of a drama without being too loud, and overbearing for a fashion statement.

Fellow Fashionista is adorning a black long sleeve top, and brown and beige fur over an edgy motorcycle jacket that adds some neutrality in the wardrobe choice. And lastly the thigh high boots pieces together the perfect outfit for a pre spring outbreak. When going with soft and subtle color tones, it’s best to have a great balance of color and textures to make a bold moment really pronounced. We’re going with clean cut, and simple but not boring, and it’s easy to misconstrue the two with colors that aren’t immediately striking to the eye. So for your next RSVPed event, no worries; this time you’ll be the life of the party.