WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

I’ve recently discovered my passion for traveling during my semester studying abroad in London. I feel like travel has become a generic interest that seems almost cliche to say you enjoy, but I’m in love with seeing new places and creating fun experiences. That being said, travel doesn’t have all positive factors. For example, doing jam-packed weekend trips on a student budget. One of the biggest struggles for any Fashionista, of course, is packing.

The trick to packing everything you need for a weekend adventure is by wearing items that can easily go from day to night. This Fashionista is sporting a great outfit for travel. Her simple jeans, cardigan and T-shirt combination can be easily changed with minor adjustments for a new look. Try layering items, because you’ll have different pieces to switch out for every day and night.

Don’t forget to take comfort into account when dressing for your travel days. This Fashionista’s combat boots are a great option. Not only are they practical for walking around and exploring your travel destination, but they can also be worn to go out to a pub or any other nightclub in the city you’re visiting.

The task of picking an outfit for a weekend trip and limiting yourself to a small bag, as well as, carrying just an adventurous backpack, is daunting. But it doesn’t have be that hard when you stick with the basics and some pieces that are easily swapped out for one another. A cardigan, jeans and a coupe of tops can take you a long way.

One Simple Change: Take this daytime travel look to a chic night out, by switching up the top. Pack a black crop top to wear with the jeans and combat boots. Accessories are another great way to add drama to your outfit for nighttime without taking up too much space in your bag. Add on a bold statement necklace to really make your outfit pop.