WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

Anytime I think about an upcoming trip, a mixture of excitement and anxiety simultaneously wash over me. There’s nothing like a refreshing change of scenery to change any mood for the better. Although traveling is more often than not an uphill battle, facing the airport while impeccably dressed can make even sprinting through Terminal B to catch your flight manageable.

I firmly believe a killer outfit can provide the confidence needed to take on anything, even TSA security lines. No one can relate to the woman wobbling in six-inch pumps, while the teenager whose T-shirt has sleep lines on it is just as bad. Striking a balance between chic and effortless is key while flying and here’s how to do it.

A light amount of makeup is best, anything more will just weigh you down later. I mean sitting on a plane for hours can cause your perfect winged eyeliner to smudge or worse, to not be recognized for the real work of art that it is. For hair, a messy bun is my go-to when traveling, especially because the sunglasses you inevitably wear become the main attention piece on and around your face.

As far the outfit, black jeans are the obvious choice here. If you want a slightly more edgy look you can opt for a pair with a ripped knee. Because of wishful thinking (for myself, at least) let’s pretend this is a flight to Mexico, so on top a simple ribbed tank is comfortable, effortless and stylish. Due to fluctuating temperatures in any and all airports, a jacket is not a choice but a necessity. I live and die by my J. Crew jean jacket and it works effortlessly with any outfit.

My final piece of Fashionista advice comes in the form of footwear. Regardless of if you’re blessed with TSA Pre-Check or you have to wait in a long line for an eternity, socks are major key. Nothing gives me the chills quite like the thought of stepping into the metal detector barefoot. A nice tennis shoe like the adidas superstar or a famous pair of Yeezy’s keeps you fashion forward and guarantees a few stares to catch the brand when you slip them off in line.

Just because traveling is stressful and can drain all the life from you doesn’t mean people need to know that. Fashion is about convincing someone that you woke up looking fabulous, and with this balance of effortless and chic they just might believe it.

One Simple Change: Once you arrive at your destination you can swap out the dark denim for a cute pair of flowy shorts, your adidas for a pair of flip flops and get your vacation started!