WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

June 13th, 2016 at 2:00am

When you arrive somewhere where it’s supposed to be fall weather but end in a sequence of sunny cold days, you are in serious trouble—especially when you didn’t package enough clothes. However, the great news is that you get to go shopping. Actually, looking for new clothes as well as shoes or accessories are my favorite activities when I travel to a different place. Shopping is definitely a must on the first day I arrive to a new city.

On the other hand, I find it difficult to choose the perfect outfits that I’m going to wear on my trips. I consider it essential to pack the pieces that will later stand out in the perfect photos. Unfortunately though, the weather is the hardest issue because it can change what I plan to wear. In this case, this Fashionista totally turned the unstable weather into her favor. She mastered the perfect look for walking around the streets of Lima. My attention was captured by her stylish vibes which were guided by her very relaxed mood— very French of her. This is one of the looks you need when you travel because it’s comfortable and chic.

Even though the colors this French Fashionista was wearing was mostly neutrals, there were two key aspects which gave her that morning vibe: the amazing red lipstick and her trendy sunglasses. Moreover, the cream cardigan she is wearing is such a versatile piece that will perfectly match with another outfit for her trip. These types of pieces are essential when you travel because you can wear them many times without taking up so much place in your suitcase. On the other hand, her blue pants are just perfection. When you are going to be sitting on a plane for many hours, wearing these types of pants feels like being in pajamas.

One Simple Change: By changing into skinny jeans and Chelsea boots you are ready for a night out in town.