WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

March 3rd, 2016 at 2:00am

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page” –Anonymous

This junior Fashion major is spending her spring semester exploring the beautiful city of Florence, Italy. Attending class and venturing around side streets are a daily activity for this Fashionista!

Florence weather can be tricky to dress for, being that it is still winter here but warm up in the afternoons with sprits of rain. This Fashionista is dressed comfortably for class and lots of walking to keeping her style sleek, cozy and fashionable. She is wearing a comfortable striped long sleeve T-shirt, leggings, green jacket, scarf,and sneakers.

Although leggings can be seen as a bit of a “dress down” attire, they can be dressed while remaining comfortable. The material of the leggings has a large impact on the overall appearance of the outfit. Knowing this, this Fashionita chose to wear shiny leggings making them classier rather then sporty. Although a simple long sleeve T-shirt doesn’t seem too exciting, its simplicity is what makes it work with this Fashionista’s outfit. With the majority of her outfit being black, the army green jacket is the pop of color to her look. The green jacket is perfect for the confusing weather Florence winter has. It is not too thin yet not too thick, allowing for the right amount of comfort. The shoes that this Fashionista is seen wearing are popular among study abroad college students. They are comfortable for the amount of walking a abroad student does, and stylish enough, making them perfect for almost every outfit. The specific ones she is wearing are Vans, although Steve Madden’s version of this style footwear is also popular and widely seen.

The last two aspects of this Fashionista’s outfit are her scarf and bag. The scarf being fully cotton keeps her warm and safe from the chilly winter air breeze. The color black blends in with her overall outfit, not allowing it to stand out too much but still contributing to her look. The black leather bag is one of her first Italian purchases of the semester. How can one come to Italy and not purchase a leather bag (or 10)? The shape and size fits all her schoolbooks and notebooks with a cross body strap making it easy to carry around.

This Fashionista is exploring Europe in a stylish manner. Hope she is enjoying her time abroad!

One Simple Change: Although this look is cozy and casual, in one one simple change it can be made into the perfect outfit for a night out with your friends. Trade in the green jacket for a leather one and you’ve gone from casual to edgy in seconds. The leather jacket creates a classy yet easy going look!