WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

Happy Chinese New Year, guys! It is winter vacation back at home in Taiwan. It is the time of year for families to have reunions. The Chinese New Year has been a big holiday for people in the east side of the world. It is basically the Asian version of Christmas. There are many different traditions in every family. Most of the people don’t get a red envelope after they have a job. But in my family, the older ones have to give the younger ones a red envelope, no matter if you have a job or not, representing  good luck for the rest of the year. One other thing people do during the Chinese New Year is to travel. Many of my friends and families went on a vacation during this time of the year. Today, this Fashionista will show you a comfortable but still fashionable outfit style for traveling.

The average temperature is between 73°F to 88°F. It is normally colder earlier in the morning and later in the evening. In order to not get sick, you should bring a thin jacket with you all the time. This Fashionista has on a white tank top covered up with a plaid shirt and denim jeans with white sneakers. Cambodia is one of the countries that draw tourists from around the world for the historical sites. The most of the sightseeing sites are mainly reached on foot. It is important to wear something comfortable for the long distance walking.

From my STYLE GURU BIO article, a button-down plaid shirt is a must-have top for everybody. This Fashionista matches the plaid shirt, from Zara, with the denim jeans, from Fashion For Yes. Fashion For Yes is a Taiwanese online shop. The company advertised the pair of jeans as the one that makes you look skinnier and fits for everything. Since the webpage I provided here is a Taiwanese website, I found similar denim jeans from Zara. The white sneakers are from Spao, a Korean brand. Of course, I will provide you another link to check on the product in English. There are many shoes products that look like the ones in the pictures. The pair of sneakers I found and recommend personally is from Vans. It’s one of the classic collections and fits easily with any outfit. Her tank top is from LuLu’s and the bag is from H&M. This outfit consists of many must-have elements that will give you great inspiration for any combination. Last but not least, have a safe trip, everyone!

One Simple Change: Of course this outfit is not just for traveling. It can actually fit for many other occasions, such as brunch. For example, if you want to wear this to brunch, I would change the shoes to dress shoes, such as heels or boots to make it more formal but not too formal.