WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

January 11th, 2016 at 2:00am

The winter months are nothing short of hectic and fast-paced. From changing weather, to a week of misery (aka finals), to the holiday shopping and hustle, things get pretty crazy. If your winter break involved a lot of traveling, it probably wasn’t easy to look effortlessly cute while running from bus to train or from airport to airport. There is a perfect travel look for winter that every bustling Fashionista has to have. This super cute ensemble can be put together quickly and is fit for nearly any occasion in winter. Most importantly, this outfit is comfortable for traveling and being on the run! Whether you’re catching a flight, last minute holiday shopping or hitting the road for a long drive—you’ll look effortlessly stylish and chic!

One piece for this look is a flannel or button-down. They go with nearly any outfit and are totally in right now. Not to mention, they’re cheap and easy to find. I usually check out my nearest Goodwill because they typically have a wide variety for as cheap as three dollars. This jean button-down shown came from T.J. Maxx. 

Under the flannel is a classic V-neck T-shirt that flowed well with the loose fitting flannel (hello comfort.) This V-neck came from U.S. Polo‘s collection.

Thank God leggings continue to be trendy because man are they comfortable. They can be dressed up or down, and in this case in-between. These super cute leggings came from Fabletics. The maroon color adds a pop of color and fun to the neutral tops.

Socks are so trendy and fashionable. They can enhance any plain boots look by adding a cute, chic twist. Plus they keep you extra toasty during the winter months. Combat boots are great for walking around and pairing with leggings, and the boot socks make them that much more stylish.

Depending on the weather, the coat could be unnecessary. For many of us, the extra warmth is very much needed. The furry coat adds another layer to the ensemble, making it look even more trendy (and warm).

Lastly, accessories are vital for this outfit. Jewelry and accessories are a must for this look to be trendy. The jewelry adds a little touch to the overall basic outfit. Along with necklaces, this Fashionista wore multiple rings and bracelets that also added to the theme and kept the ensemble fashionable.

With this outfit you’re sure to rock any airport, car ride, or shopping center! All while doing so, effortlessly and comfortably!

One Simple Change: Rock this outfit to a tailgate! Replace the V-neck with a school spirit shirt and add a spirited beanie. Keep the same comfortable, cute style all while showing school spirit on game day.