WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

As finals come to an end, everyone is packing their bags and getting ready to head home for the holidays. Home is closer for some than others, and many will be traveling home for the first time since the summer. Whether you find yourself taking a train or plane, there’s no better feeling than dressing to the occasion and greeting your loved ones in style when you arrive home. The key is functionality and comfort, both of which can be obtained all while looking stylish.

This Fashionista is dressed and ready to take on the couple-hour train ride home to a colder Connecticut. Her outfit starts with a great oversized jersey dress. It has a high-low hem and three-quarter length sleeves. She pairs this with tall, dark brown leather boots with knee socks that peek just over the tops in a near identical color to her dress. She tops it all off with an over-sized, knit infinity scarf in another shade of gray, again complementing her dress.

Her outfit is super comfortable for traveling as opposed to wearing tighter fitting, more restrictive clothing. Should she get too warm on her journey, she could always take off her scarf or further roll up her sleeves. Her large bag is not only a cute accessory that helps complete her look but is also great for bringing along any and all necessities for the trip that she doesn’t want to completely pack away in her suitcase.

One Simple Change: When this Fashionista finally makes it home (if she’s in a pinch for time) she does not need to change much before heading out to dinner with the family or reuniting with her hometown girls for a fun night out. This outfit is great as it is, but depending on the plans, a great statement necklace can be brought along in her bag to switch out with the scarf before going out. A quick refresh of makeup after long hours of travel and she’s ready to go, looking better than the last time she was home and everyone saw her!