WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

As the fall semester is almost beginning, and summer is coming to a close, I can’t help but reminisce on the amazing summer I’ve had. I had the opportunity to travel to Paris this past summer and truly fell in love with the city. Everything about it was truly amazing or as the French say—incroyable! From the fresh croissants to the macarons, to the history and the architecture, to beautiful quaint streets, to last but not least the fashion, I fell in love with every inch I walked. I got to experiment a lot with outfits while I was over there, and even wear a lot of them at home in New York.

I wanted to remain fashionable but also comfortable at the same time since I was walking around the entire day. This outfit includes black denim ripped shorts, a white distressed T-shirt, a gold watch, a black cardigan and adidas sneakers. This outfit is really simple but super fashionable and trendy. The distressed T-shirt gives it a little bit of edge while still remaining presentable.The ripped shorts are extremely subtle, and the sneakers make it super comfortable to walk around in.

Although I was in Paris during the summertime, August tends to be a tricky month there in terms of weather. It can go from 80 degrees and sunny to 60 degrees and rainy in the amount of time it takes me to place my coffee order. This outfit was versatile in that I could wear it for either weather occasion.

One Simple Change: Add black skinny jeans instead of the shorts and swap the sneakers for flats to take this outfit from day to night. It’s perfect for a nice fall, crisp, night out on the town grabbing drinks or dinner with your girlfriends.