WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

It’s here! That day you’ve been waiting for all summer long has finally arrived, it’s time for your vacation! Vacations are filled with great times with family and friends, good food and the best outfits that you’ve been saving. But, what do you wear on your travel day? Of course you want to look cute, but you have to remain comfortable. You don’t want to waste one of your great outfits on a day when you’re simply sitting in a car or in an airport, so what do you wear? This Fashionista rocked the most comfortable, practical and yet still cute traveling gear when she went on her road trip.

She styled a comfortable thin gray sweatshirt with a pair of loose fitting white shorts. The sweatshirt is thin enough to be worn in the summer time and works perfectly for a day full of driving and tollbooths. Her white shorts match the white ties on her sweatshirt and in my opinion looks very well put together for a simple outfit.

She continued her look by wearing a pair of Tory Burch black flip flops and rocking her purple headphones around her neck. She styled her hair in a simple sloppy braid, a very practical and cute look. Finally, she added on a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses to complete her outfit

This Fashionista was able to create an image that was not only fitting for her day’s itinerary, but also cute with minimal effort. I believe that it’s important for girls to remember that looking good doesn’t always have to mean you have the best of everything, or you’re putting in a ton of effort. It’s all about the person that is behind the clothing, and the way you wear what you have.

One Simple Change: This outfit can be worn for multiple purposes other than just traveling, for example, a day filled with errands, or a day for finals. I would just lose the headphones and flip flops and add on a pair of sneakers for optimal comfort.