WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

Whether its by plane, car, bus, boat or train, you’re bound to be traveling somewhere this summer and when you do, picking out an outfit to travel in can sometimes be the hardest part. This is because you never know who you’ll run into or exactly what you’ll be doing. You want to be comfortable, but still look presentable for your arrival and any other situations you may find yourself in along the way.

This particular Fashionista was embarking on one of the most grueling of travel methods: a road trip. Sure, road trips can be fun and a great way to make memories, but sitting in a car for an extended period of time would take a toll on anyone. Also, a road trip means you’ll more than likely be making stops along the way, and you don’t want to look like a complete hot mess. Her outfit is totally ideal for a road trip—comfort first with a little stylish touch. You also have to keep in mind that you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard while on a road trip.

This Fashionista is wearing the most beautiful invention of all time: a good old pair of leggings. Hers are a bit more stylish than your typical black cropped yoga leggings because of the ruching and cut-out detail at the bottom. She’s also wearing one of my other favorite things: black flip flops. Hers are completely awesome because they’re made of super cushy yoga mat material that makes them beyond comfortable. I totally need to get myself a pair after seeing hers.

The most important part of her outfit is her shirt. Because it’s been sweltering hot out, she chose to wear a black cotton tank top, but she went for a little bit more fancy of an option. It’s still casual enough to pair appropriately with the leggings, but the strap detailing in the back, the white intricate design and the fit of the shirt makes it just that much cuter. Pairing leggings with a bit dressier of a top is a great way to make it obvious to the public that, no, you didn’t just roll out of bed. It looks like you put at least a little bit of effort in when really you didn’t at all.

She’s not wearing any jewelry for, again, the comfort factor, but its also a good idea if you’re going through customs at an airport. The only other accessory is her normal glasses, which are a much more comfortable option than contacts that can get irritated easily.

One Simple Change: Road tripping to one of your friends’ houses? Maybe when you arrive, you guys will want to catch up and go for a girl’s night out. If so, peel off those leggings, kick off your flip flops and throw on a pair of dark wash skinny jeans and some black wedges. You’re all set!