WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

July 14th, 2015 at 2:00am

On a rare breezy summer morning, I decided to wander around Rockefeller Center with some time to spare before heading to my internship. I know, living the life of leisure! As I was strolling, I noticed a gal dressed head to toe in my favorite color (black) equipped with a pair of bright blue sunnies, taking pictures in front of the notorious sights that engulf NYC. I had to go over and compliment her outfit!

Turns out, this Fashionista was traveling from Poland where she did not hesitate to mention she was a model for her photographer friend. I casually asked to see a picture and instantly felt I needed to up my photo taking skills. Speaking of traveling, this Fashionista sure knows how to do it in style. The day called for rain and a slight breeze and I think this Fashionista nailed the outfit accordingly. I mean, all black everything?! That just screams rainstorms and thunder bolts. This gal was decked head to toe in black starting from her graphic T-shirt to her black high-waisted skinny jeans. Little did I know was that there was also a cute leather backpack just waiting to be photographed sitting on her back.

With traveling comes exploring and sightseeing, sometimes all done by foot which means extra comfort for those precious things called feet that we take for granted of. Yes, I am alluding to the nights we spend hobbling home in pain after dancing the night away in five inch stilettos. Who am I kidding, those nights are always worth the pain. I digress. Coming from someone with major feet issues, I applaud this Fashionista and her choice of comfy but cute footwear. Slip-ons are a fashion sneaker lover’s paradise. That’s a mouthful. To add one element of color to this outfit, she popped on those round, blue mirrored sunglasses to shield herself from the raindrops. Smart gal. To emphasize her punk rock travel style, this black leather backpack is perfect for carrying all the essentials a tourist will need to explore the Big Apple.

One Simple Change: A thin, printed belt would help split this outfit up evenly and accordingly. Also, trading the nude slip-ons for a pair of bright, printed ones would help to accentuate the whole outfit and add that extra pop for an afternoon brunch date.