WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

July 9th, 2015 at 2:00am

Wanderlust: a strong, innate desire to travel the world.

I could tell by this Fashionista’s trendy travel getup that she had officially been struck by wanderlust. Having already ventured to many corners of this lovely planet, she claims she was first consumed by wanderlust during her trip to Machu Picchu years ago. She says that she “craves adventurous trips more so than your typical beach vacay” and loves “immersing herself in bright new cultures.”

I feel as though wanderlust has recently consumed me, as well. Whether it be for a semester abroad or summer excursion, I have already begun to enthusiastically plan out my own future adventures. As a child, I failed to have this optimistic and excited perspective on traveling. I was completely disinterested in trudging through the never-ending airport lines, being reminded repeatedly not to kick the seats in front of me and sleeping on cardboard cots in stuffy hotel rooms. I remember walking through airports as a kid and being astounded by how many ladies looked so put together and fashionable, as I stared down at my chubby legs hidden underneath my colorful Limited Too sweatpants.

I now realize that the airport is just another runway, another opportunity to show off your personal style. Comfort is key for traveling, so the trick is to keep in mind all the sitting and stepping you will do during your travel days. This Fashionista perfectly infused her personal style into this comfy airport look. She opted for a cotton slit maxi dress, the perfect substitute for some ill-fitting sweatpants and old T-shirt. Her favorite trick is using the slit to tie up the dress whenever she’s feeling a little toasty. These Birkenstock sandals are the prefect traveler’s shoe because their sole molds to the shape of your foot, making them super comfy walking shoes. Birkenstocks are made in a variety of styles too, so they are a great investment for any trendy jetsetter.

This Fashionista’s Michael Kors tote bag is her go-to accessory for traveling. It’s stylish, sturdy and holds all her gadgets and necessities for long hours in the airport or endless days exploring new cities. A lightweight hat, like this one, is an age-old traveler’s trick implemented to disguise a bad hair day. Of course, it’s pretty nifty for the warmer, more tropical regions you may be traveling to as well. Wanting to add some flair to her outfit, this Fashionista topped off her ensemble with a colorful seed bead necklace which is light, functional and provides the perfect pop of color for this look.

One Simple Change: Utilize the space in your suitcase and reuse this dress for a more formal occasion during your trip. Ditch the fedora and swap the Birkenstock sandals for some strappy wedges, and you’ve got yourself a fabulous nighttime look.