WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

July 6th, 2015 at 2:00am

The constant hum consumed my ears. I tapped my foot impatiently. My worn out combat boots softly clicked on the floor. The young toddler behind me on the train kicked the back of my seat again. Walls engulfed by spray paint fluttered by the windows. I pushed my hair back as the heat started to creep down my neck. I tried to concentrate on the Sam Smith song playing on my iPhone, but I couldn’t. I was hardly able to contain my excitement for the day ahead.

As if time skipped a beat, the train was at the last stop: Penn Station. I stepped out of the train and onto the platform. A wave of humidity rushed towards me. I started up the stairs, one step, then two steps and then three. I finally got to the last step and was transported into a different world: New York City.

My heartbeat succumbed to the frenzied atmosphere. The immense noise from taxis zoomed past each other, beeping every millisecond, quickened my pulse. The aroma of hotdogs and pizza scented the air. The rustle of bags and hurried footsteps pierced my ears.

It wasn’t just the humidity radiating off the concrete, it was the hope and inspiration absorbing into my veins. It was the opportunity, the slight chance, to be an individual or even a particle of greatness. It was the magnificent buildings and the history behind the cluttered streets. It was the venture to discover new traditions and people. I suppose, in short, it was… New York.

And that’s when I saw this Fashionista in the midst of the Penn Station chaos. Dressed in a neutral toned romper with a statement belt, topped with gorgeous, comfortable platform sandals, she was, in short, New York.

A train ticket to Boston in hand, this Fashionista is set for a long train ride and the complications that can come along with traveling. The crowds, the delays and even the sitting on floors, a romper is what you need to get through it. It also makes the whole preparation for getting ready for traveling. You don’t have to spend hours picking out comfortable tops and bottoms, a romper saves you time, keeps you fashion forward and able to keep up with the frenzied environment that is New York public transportation.

One Simple Change: Have a hot dinner date or a night out on the town with girlfriends and don’t have time to spend three hours getting ready after your arrival? It’s all in the shoes! Swap out your traveling shoes and strut your romper in some classic black booties. Versatile, neutral yet the perfect shoe for any Fashionista on the go.