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WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

Just as language, food and cultures differ around the world, so do fashion trends. However, the good thing about fashion is that it is universal. What I have come to learn while studying abroad is that it is important to look good wherever you go and to learn about some of the trends of the places you are traveling.

Most places you travel to, it is typically easy to spot tourists often by the way they dress. In Europe, it seems that everyone indulges in fashion. However, many trends that are popular here are not as big among Americans. I was intrigued to meet this Fashionista, who came from Dallas, Texas, indulging in some of the popular European trends. Her outfit consisted of flowy harem pants paired with a lace top and white sandals to bring out the white from the top. Her outfit reminded me of much of what I have seen on the young, fashion-forward Italian women. The color of her pants is perfect for summer, and the lace top and flowy style of the pants are also perfect for Italian weather! This Fashionista did a phenomenal job of pairing the perfect accessories, from the black Kendra Scott earrings to highlight the black eyelets in her lace top, to her pink sunglasses to match her Gucci purse (perfect addition at the heart of Gucci in Florence!) to the matching nail polish and lipstick. Relaying your colors in an outfit is one of my favorite style tricks.

One Simple Change: Let’s say your travels are about relaxing on the Amalfi Coast rather than finding the next European Fashionista. Here are a few simple changes to take this outfit from traveller to vacationer: add a floppy sunhat that brings out one of the colors of the outfit and swap out the Gucci for a fun beach bag to accompany you to the Mediterranean. This takes your street style look straight to the beach!