WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

Summer is here, which means sandy beach trips, mountain escapes and city explorations can begin. This season is the perfect time to take some time off work, and focus on having fun and creating new experiences. Although traveling can be exciting and invigorating, packing for a vacation is often a drag. Overpacking, wrinkles, cold airports, early flights or long drives can be aspects that all travelers dread at some point. When faced with one or many of these pitfalls, it is important to never give up on your style. Instead, find a way to be practical and comfortable.

This Fashionista’s outfit features a jersey, white and black, horizontal striped midi dress. Some people may be against wearing a dress while traveling, but the jersey material can stretch, adding a lot of movability and comfort. Furthermore, the dress can be great when traveling through airports. To add more depth to this look, she chose to throw on an indigo-washed jean jacket. The cut of this jacket creates a nice finishing touch to the dress, and complements the black and white. Everyone who is traveling most likely thinks of comfort on their feet, especially when rushing through an airport to catch the next flight. So, this Fashionista decided to be practically stylish and wore her white Converse. Just because you want to be adventurous, doesn’t mean you can’t wear accessories. To keep it simple, she chose a rose gold watch that added a hint of bling and a caramel colored bag with lots of pockets for the many treasures she may pick up on her trip.

Packing for a trip can be tiresome. Sometimes it is difficult to try and piece together appropriate outfits without adding pounds to your suitcase. It is important to remember to bring comfortable items that can be used in many different looks. By choosing a basic piece, such as a denim jacket, air conditioning won’t be a problem and it can be thrown on to complement almost any outfit (day or night). So Fashionistas/os, kick off your shoes and let the adventures begin in style!

One Simple Change: Just landed at your destination and ready to start your vacation by heading out for a bite to eat? Try switching the Converse to some flat sandals and tie your jean jacket around your waist for a classic look.