WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

You finally pull up to the hotel. Your eyes feel tired. Your hair is a mess. You feel sticky and sweaty. Your biggest decision now is whether to shower or sleep first. Has this ever described you? Traveling can be totally draining and result in you looking like, and most likely feeling like a total zombie. Despite all of this, I try my best to dress really cute for those long car trips, plane rides, etc. I ran into this Fashionista right before she headed off on a long car ride for a week vacation. Her outfit was more than perfect for the occasion, and something I would totally wear before headed out on a trip!

For her main pieces, this Fashionista wore a crimson colored cami, a black moto jacket with gold zipper detailing and a loud pair of diamond-shape printed leggings. This combination was a flattering choice because the plain cami and jacket make the print of the pants pop, and the neutral colors of pants and jacket make the crimson cami stand out. We also must note that her hair color matches her cami. Nice touch, Fashionista.

For accessories, she wore a cute pair of hippie-inspired sunglasses, which she hooked on to a metal choker necklace. Last but not least, she wore a double hoop cartilage piercing.

This entire outfit is the perfect traveling outfit for three reasons. One: its super comfy. You can never go wrong with leggings and cozy jackets. Two: it’s still super cute. Forget those sweatpants. You need to look put together for those pit stop snapchat updates. And three: depending on where you’re traveling, the weather will definitely be fluctuating. This is also true for airplanes once you reach different altitudes. Wearing layers that you can take on and off (*cough cough* moto jacket), is an easy way to ensure you won’t get hot and sweaty for the rest of the trip.

One Simple Challenge: With all traveling comes a destination! To make this outfit vacation-ready, try switching out the patterned leggings for a fun pattered skirt. Having a pattered skirt allows you to keep the busyness of the outfit but dresses it up a little bit!