Summer is here, and that means it’s officially travel season. Although the daunting task of packing for a vacation is fun for any Fashionista and choosing outfits for fancy dinners and luxurious beach days is by far the best chore around, picking a traveling outfit can be difficult endeavor. I always run into the problem of not knowing what to wear on my way to my vacation destination. Whether it’s a long car ride for a road trip or a lengthy plane ride to get to your vacation spot, get inspiration from this Fashionista for a comfy and cute traveling outfit.

Every Fashionista wants to look cute all the time, especially on day one of her vacation, but you also want to be comfortable on your journey to your vacation. This Fashionista’s casual outfit is the perfect ensemble for travel days. The soft T-shirt keeps it comfortable enough to fall asleep on long plane, car or train rides. Her loose shorts are great to keep herself comfy even if she is the designated road trip driver. The print on this Fashionistas’ shorts helps style the outfit, but the black and white keep the look casual. This basic outfit can easily be transformed quickly when you get to your vacation with just a few adjustments. This saves you time on picking out a whole new outfit and you can enjoy the most time on your first day of vacation.

One Simple Change: To take this look from daytime travel to a nice evening look just swap out your shoes and accessories when you arrive to your hotel or wherever you’re staying. Instead of basic flip flops pair the outfit with a pair of cutout ankle boots to add some edge to the look. Add a simple necklace to make a statement and add some color to the outfit, and you’re ready to enjoy your trip.