Here's What To Wear Depending on What Music Festival You're Actually Attending

Summer is synonymous with iced coffee, saying “see ya” to studying for three months, and, of course, festival season. Festivals are no longer just a place for live music but instead have transformed into a cultural experience. From the food to the fashion, there will be something you have never seen, heard, or experienced before.

If you’re new to festival going, I will bet you’ve googled festival fashion or at least started a Pinterest board. I am sure you have seen floral crowns liter your social media feeds ever since Coachella became a thing. However, styles change not only season to season, but festival to festival.

Festival fashion isn’t “one size fits all.” Each festival has their own aesthetic, mood, and rhythm (both literally and figuratively). Which means showing up to Warped Tour in a maxi dress and Birkenstocks might make you look a little out of place.

The skies the limit when it comes to fashion. However, if you keep these tips, in mind you’ll look like a fashionable festival pro in no time.

Governors Ball, New York City, June 2-4 

Photo by @govballnyc

Governors Ball is a festival in the city that never sleeps and probably the most fashionable one in the bunch. Makes sense, since it’s in one of the biggest fashion capitals in the world. The looks you’ll see are more eclectic and diverse than even what you’d imagine at Coachella.

Governors Ball Staples: 1. Jumpsuits 2. Statement Earrings 3. Cool Sunnies

Bonnaroo, Manchester, Tennessee, June 8-11

Photo by @tesschristinexo

This isn’t so much a music festival as it is a full-on experience. Thousands of people camp out, listen to music, comedy, and try to figure out how to survive without modern conveniences (or showers) for the weekend. Don’t worry, no one will notice your dirty hair with a totally awesome outfit and The Weeknd on stage.

Governors Ball Staples: 1. Bralette Top 2. Bohemian Prints 3. Dry Shampoo

Lollapalooza, Chicago, Illinois, August 3-6

Photo by @gabikroeker

Although Lollapalooza may not be as much of an escape as Coachella (the literal middle of the desert), you’ll be surrounded by the city instead. Which definitely has an impact on the fashion you’ll see. Lolla is a little edgier and urban than the rest of the festivals mentioned. Vans, Adidas, and Converse are the only shoes you’ll be seeing.

Lollapalooza Staples: 1. High-waisted Shorts 2. Band T-shirts 3. Skate Sneakers

Outside Lands, San Francisco, California, August 11-13

Photo by @claudiasulewski

Just like the city of San Francisco itself, Outside Lands is understated and effortlessly cool. With a lineup like The Who, Solange, and A Tribe Called Quest, let the vibes of these visual artists inspire your own fashion choices. Plus, with the most food line-up of any festival, make sure to wear clothes that save room for plenty of Insta-worthy eats.

Coachella Staples: 1. Inspired Denim Vest 2. Decorated Bandana 3. Interesting Shorts

So there you have it, four music festivals but four totally different aesthetics and fashion. Are you planning on attending any festivals this season? What are you going to wear? Be sure to show us on Instagram how you plan to stand out in the crowd!