WHAT TO WEAR: There's Snow Place Like Home

February 1st, 2017 at 2:00am

In the winter months especially in the western New York area , we really throw our fashion sense aside to bundle up for the frigid lake effect snow. If you have never experienced lake effect snow, consider yourself very lucky! No one wants to get out of bed and shovel or defrost our cars, let alone wear a fashionable outfit!

I know for me personally, I always just try and find the warmest thing I can find in my closet and throw it on! I don’t even think about fashion I just think about how much I am going to freeze outside!!

I called upon my very stylish Fashionisto cousin because not even the frigid winter air can diminish his fashion capabilities. This Fashionisto says he never leaves the house without a winter accessory such as his favorite pair of over-sized ear muffs that match perfectly with his plaid scarf. He says it is also important to pick out a stylish coat since that is what people see the most in the winter time. His coat’s style is called a peacoat and it is a good way of being stylish but staying warm. It wasn’t too cold out when we took these pictures so he decided to leave his coat open. Underneath the coat he is wearing an essential black long sleeve thermal and beige colored fleece lined joggers. He adds to have fun with your winter accessories, “Go for the fun hat, or the over-sized earmuffs like I have! It will make your winter fashion more fun.”