WHAT TO WEAR: The Transition Weather Dilemma

The winter weather this year has been pretty weird—some days it’s hot, some days it’s cold, and some days you just can’t quite decide how you feel when stepping outside. For those days that mother nature isn’t on our side, it’s important to have a few go-to transition weather outfits for days out to lunch with the girls, in case the leggings and T-shirt look is not applicable for the occasion.

Mary Claire is a self-acclaimed Fashionista—she has her own blog and has so many standout pieces I wish I had in my closet.

On an unnaturally gloomy yet warm day, this Fashionista decided to wear a classic skirt-sweater combo. Thigh high boots are the newest trend, and they pair perfectly with her black sweater. They also add extra coverage to your legs for when the wind starts to pick up. These particular boots have a toggle on the back, which I think is a must for any pair of thigh highs; this way you’re able to adjust their fit perfectly to the size of your thigh.

Her skirt is my favorite orange, perfect for a fall-like day in December. The pattern across the bottom adds an intricate and delicate aspect to a more top-heavy combo.

Her necklace is a classic wrap necklace, which seems to be a never-ending trend on the UGA campus. I love the way that Mary Claire decided to wear hers; rather than wrapping the necklace in a choker-like fashion around her neck, she allows it to hang loose which keeps the outfit relaxed.

Don’t let this weird winter weather discourage you! There are still easy ways to be able to wear your favorite winter pieces in a less than wintery wonderland.