WHAT TO WEAR: The Smart Jock

I hope everyone is excited to be going back on campus for their spring semester of the school year. If you are a student athlete, I know your break was a little shorter than the rest, but that is okay because I ran into someone with the perfect back-to-school outfit for all of you.

While still exploring Philadelphia (University City) on my winter break, I spotted a young man walking around a campus. One glance at his clothing and I could easily tell that he was either an avid college football fan or a football player at the school written on his shirt that he was so proudly wearing—the University of Pennsylvania.

After speaking with this radiant scholar, I learned that he is a freshman running back at the school, and he is majoring in engineering. I could tell by the look of how heavy his book bag is that it is not easy being an athlete at one of the top Ivy League schools in the country, and with his demanding major, it is a pleasant surprise to see anything on him besides the obvious stress wear—sweatpants. This day he chose to wear a navy blue “PENN Football” T-shirt, a ripped pair of American Eagle Outfitters jeans, matching navy blue Timberland boots, a PENN Football cap, and a blue reversible North Face jacket to fight against the chilly winds.

Male or female, athlete or fan, picking up some clothes from your schools’ stores is an easy and cheap way to look casually stylish!