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WHAT TO WEAR: The Perfect Go-To Look

December 6th, 2016 at 2:07am
WHAT TO WEAR: The Perfect Go-To Look

If you find yourself tearing apart your closet trying to find the perfect outfit for various events such as dinners or a night out, what you are missing is a go-to look. Looking stylish does not always have to involve going over the top. Sometimes the best outfits are ones that are thrown together in a simplistic manner. The best part about a casual and minimalistic look is how re-wearable it can be for any occasion. These are the types of looks that can flow from day to night with the smallest amount of effort. Who doesn’t want to look like they just happened to escape the runway for a quick bite to eat?

This fashionista has the simplistic look mastered. She looks super sophisticated while maintaining a casual edge by pairing the boyfriend jeans with a baseball cap. This fashionista looks ready to hit the town for a nice lunch or dinner. She creates consistency with her color scheme by using a gray-scale neutral base and keeping all of her accessories black. By removing the hat, this look could go from casually chic to more dressed up…without even having to change, voilà! This fashionista’s black strappy heels are super trendy and easy to put with many looks. Her boyfriend jeans create a relaxed vibe and add to the effortlessly beautiful look. Her clutch integrates a bold change up in texture which brings the chic sophistication to a new level. This fashionista is style ready for anything and everything!

Following this fashionista’s lead, you can easily create your go-to-look by incorporating all kinds of trends while staying simple. Simply just grab your favorite pair of jeans and heels, throw a cute jacket on over a t-shirt and you are ready for the streets! And YES, it’s that easy!