WHAT TO WEAR: The Interview

The days of mundane pencil skirts and blazers are over in terms of what is appropriate in the office setting. Sure, the go-to skirt suits are still around, but it has become more about showing personal style while being polished and professional in the office. Dressing nicely to work, for most people and especially fashion, is essential and it’s important to look put together for that interview you definitely want to land.

This look is perfect for such occasion. For starters, it demonstrates appropriate lengths and cuts that will easily adapt into any office wardrobe policy. The white coat is minimal and clean and really adds that pop of brightness that will not go unnoticed during your interview. The pieces are true basics, so the styling is up to you. I love the way this Fashionista styled her pant belt over her coat, defining her waist and adding an element of personal style; people will find this refreshing. Thinking outside the box is always a plus!

Over embellishing is not the best idea; going for simplicity in accessories is most likely your best bet, but that doesn’t mean boring. Adding a burst of color with a structured bag is a great way to show diversity in your look; this bag is from Matt & Nat. The straps on the velvet heels are a playful touch to a structural outfit. Lastly, the look is completed with a simple pair of oversized pearl earrings that are both front and back.

Staying true to your personal style is an important factor if you want to land a job in fashion. Showing a future employee that you can adapt to the office life while rocking your own style demonstrates your versatility!