WHAT TO WEAR: The Final Stretch

As the final days are approaching, none other than finals week, we are all meeting deadlines and working toward the finish line. This time of the year can take a toll on you, but just remember it is almost over. The last thing on most of our minds is figuring out what we want to wear when we are already studying for hours, our computers are our best friends and the temperature outside is dropping. But, do not let the tiredness and coldness stop you from being the best dressed Fashionista/o that you are.

Spending a full day at the studio or in the library really urges you to want to dress comfy, but comfy does not always mean sweatpants and sneakers. You can make comfy work in a couple of ways such as loose jeans and comfortable fashion T-shirts. For your shoes, wearing something that is trendy, but comfortable will help for the long hours on your feet or just the long hours of having to wear shoes. This Fashionista is making a day at the studio look causal and comfy. She has on loose ripped Levi Brand Jeans that she paired with a fashionable T-shirt and scarf to keep warm.

A trendy comfortable outfit will definitely help to give yourself that last ounce of motivation you need to finish the semester. Dressing in something other than sweatpants and a sweatshirt will make your mood a little less depressing. When you look good and feel good, you will do good. So grab your cutest pair of jeans that are not too tight and a fashionable but laid back top to take on finals this semester.