WHAT TO WEAR: The Cotopaxi Choice

After a late night of studying and an unwelcome alarm at 8 a.m., who can blame you for wanting to just throw on your matching baggy sweats, grab your coffee, and head out the door.

This Fashionisto is sure to not let any itchy sweaters or stiff jeans hold him back from taking pride in his style. Putting together a flexible look assures that he will concentrate in the classroom while still being able to stop by the rock wall or kick back in a hammock for a study break.

Although the weather has been unpredictable for the month of February, as soon as it hit above freezing, the Chaco sandals were out. To go with his go-to gray joggers, he threw on a United by Blue organic cotton sweatshirt making a statement with the color contrasting graphic logo.

With little time to fuss with traveling back and forth to grab more books, this 35L backpack is a lifesaver and can double as a day pack for any great adventure. If you haven’t seen the llama logo making its way across your campus quite yet, Cotopaxi is certainly a brand you need to check out.

From durable backpacks to tees and gear, Cotopaxi strives to make products that will last. By focusing on the entire life-cycle, Cotopaxi serves as an example to all companies and consumers that people matter and we have a choice to assure they are treated as so. Focusing on workplace empowerment, products like this rolltop backpack, have a label neatly sewn in, celebrating the small victories each product makes in the battle against poverty, unjust wages, and harsh working environments.

The problems we are facing in the fashion and consumer industry are extremely dynamic and require much more than one answer. This Fashionisto was drawn to the mission this company had and the diverse choices they offer to their Cotopaxi family. So whether you are running through a city at a Cotopaxi Questival or just heading to class, this laid back look is sure to provide the perfect balance of comfort and style while spreading positive vibes throughout any long day.