WHAT TO WEAR: Talking with Tommy

Hey Fashionistas/os! It’s that time of year again when everyone is rushing to their classes and printing up resumes in hopes to land a killer internship. I was fortunate enough to get a fall internship here at College Fashionista, but I also have an interview set up with Tommy Hilfiger for their Sourcing, Product Development/Production in the Handbag Department. I wanted to share with you all what I am going to wear to the interview with in hopes to give you an idea of a relaxed outfit that is still professional. Hopefully it will save you from standing in front of your full closet crying over how you have “nothing to wear,” like I usually do.

Tommy Hilfiger is a classic, preppy, American brand that produces merchandise and accessories featuring denim, red, white and blue. With the look I chose for this interview, I wanted to show the interviewer that I fit the part and understand how to work Tommy Hilfiger’s fashions into my own personal style. I kept the look simple, because I want the interviewer to focus on what I am saying rather than just how I look. I also didn’t want to incorporate any flashy accessories or bulky jewelry, so I only wore a skinny-chained gold necklace.

Typically what you think to wear to an interview would be an all black outfit paired with a blazer, however I felt that this look is more appropriate for the Tommy Hilfiger brand and can also be worn to a more casual interview at a local coffee shop. It also still feels as though summer is going to last forever, so this lightweight, chambray button-down and breathable, white skirt is a perfect combination; let’s face it, no one wants to look like a hot mess for an interview!