WHAT TO WEAR: Tailgating

November 13th, 2015 at 2:10am

Everyone loves fall; it’s the beginning of big, comfy sweater season and it’s the only time of year that you won’t get a side-eye for ordering a pumpkin spice latte because everyone else is, too. Unfortunately, with the cold weather comes a reduction in outfit options. Beauty may sometimes come with a price, but comfort is still an important factor to consider when approaching outfit options.

This Fashionista exhibits a great way to stay fashionable and cozy (and spirited!) at the same time. Dressed in black from head to toe like Matty Healey, she’s on her way out to our school’s “blackout” game. It was raining that day, which is typical for Seattle. Weatherproof jackets are essential, but keep it light because no one wants to be lugging around a parka when your team scores the winning touchdown. One trend I’ve been loving lately is the reinvigoration of crew socks. This Fashionista pairs flashy spirit socks with a pair of destroyed black skinnies (which I fawned over in my last article) and classic Converse All-Stars with just enough of the sock peeking out that its not overwhelming. “I actually have a whole drawer of patterned socks,” says the Fashionista, “but its game day so these were the obvious choice.”

No matter what the weather is on your school’s game day, keep your look fashionable and functional for a long day of tailgating and cheering on your team!

One Simple Change: Interested in heading to a celebratory post-game concert? Whether your team gets that W or not, music welcomes fans of all records. This Fashionista is super excited about The Neighbourhood’s new album release, and cant wait to see them live. Ditch the school T-shirt and opt for a white V-neck T-shirt to balance out this otherwise dark-dominated outfit.