WHAT TO WEAR: Tailgating

December 30th, 2015 at 2:00am

As college students, tailgating is one way to celebrate before some of our favorite sporting events. Showing some school spirit, especially at SUNY Oneonta, is the norm for most of our peers. Unfortunately, Oneonta does not have a football team. However, we still find reasons to engage in tailgating. The rugby team is one of our favorite club sports that we like support.

So what exactly is the perfect outfit to rock while participating in the before-game tailgate? I found this Fashionista sporting the perfect ensemble! By pairing some dark jeans, a tank top and of course an oversized flannel, this Fashionista established the perfect tailgate look. By adding a pair of Converse, she’ll be able to stay comfortably on her feet for the duration of the tailgate. Another essential element to this outfit is the hat. The baseball hat helps to show school spirit with the schools name printed on it. It also helps to keep the sun out of your face while still remaining stylish.

In Oneonta the weather is normally rather cold. For this reason, you’ll usually see your fellow Fashionistas wearing their flannels like a shirt. However, in schools down south, or when the weather starts to pick up in Oneonta, you’ll start to see the look switch up a bit. If the weather is nice enough, try wearing your flannel around your waist. It’s a cute way to keep the theme of a tailgate in your outfit while staying cool.

One Simple Change: Is everyone going out for the post-game celebration? This Fashionista’s look is great for the tailgate, but you might want to switch it up for the nightlife. Swap out your simple tank top for a crop top and remove the baseball hat. It’s the easiest way to completely change your look without wasting time picking out an entirely new outfit.