WHAT TO WEAR: Tailgating

November 2nd, 2015 at 2:10am

As I’m sure you’re fully aware, football season is upon us. This means on Saturday morning you have to get up and at least pretend you know what a field goal is or what the phrase “turnover” means. While you’re figuring out how football works, I’m here to make your outfit selection for the game slightly easier. While you could easily throw on a cute V-neck with your school’s logo and denim shorts, you could also go the trendier route. Trust me, it’s not as difficult as it seems.

My school’s colors are green and gold, which is not only extremely hard to pull off, but also a challenge to find in stores. The key is finding a cute piece of clothing in a similar color or a universal color, like white or black that you can transform into something game day friendly.

This week’s Fashionista chose an army green, off-the-shoulder romper. The fringe around the neckline makes it trendy for fall too, so that’s an added bonus. The color is somewhat neutral, but it’s also just spirited enough to be appropriate for the tailgate. By pairing it with a basic pair of white, slightly beat-up Converse, the outfit immediately becomes more sporty. A pair of black or brown sandals would also suffice in place of the Converse.

As far as accessories go, the simpler, the better. In Florida, it’s 85 degrees this time of year, so the last thing you want to deal with is unnecessary items of clothing. Her coordinates necklace is perfect for this occasion. I love these necklaces because the coordinates add a unique, personalized touch to the outfit. No two coordinates will tell the same story. It’s simple, but does the trick. Her kate spade watch is classic and preppy, and her Alex and Ani bracelets compliment her watch perfectly. She wears this bracelets daily, so game day is no different.

Get creative with your tailgating attire and add your own personal flair to the day!

One Simple Change: Rather than a romper in you school’s color, try a white romper. It’s more universal and doesn’t matter what school you attend. White is of those colors that works for any university. White is simple and clean looking. Since it’s a romper, it’s girly and looks like you actually made an effort, even though it’s the easiest thing to throw on in the morning. You can add a statement necklace with your school’s colors if you’re feeling school spirited that day. You could easily wear an outfit like this to class, a Greek life event or even just to run errands!